Monday, August 24, 2009

Message Bottle #286 and Welcome Queen's Meme Players!

I can't wait to see your Message Bottles tomorrow on the blog.
They will also appear here in the bloggy ocean for all blogernity.
Have fun with #7! I sincerely hope you all can stay afloat.....

WAVY (aka Mimi Queen of Memes and owner of a dry and cold dungeon)


Jamie said...

As you know I am a fan of self preservation. Rather than risk the royal wrath, my bottle has been flung.

Melli said...

In an attempt to have Oh My Darlin' Thom released from your dungeon, I have actually tossed two bottles into the wave pool!

Thorne said...

Well... as Most High and Holy Empress of the Universe (known and unknown), I outrank you. But I'm playing anyway since you are my most faithful and loving servant and I adore you. Find my bottle here: